East Kaioshin (東の界王神, Higashi no Kaiōshin; lit. "East of World King God") is the king god of the worlds of the east area of the universe and afterlife.






Majin BooEdit


Battle of Gods ArcEdit

Kibitoshin and Elder Kaioshin thought Champa was after the Namekian Dragon Balls so he went to Namek to get their Dragon Balls. However, they figured out Champa was not after the Namekian Dragon Balls so Kibitoshin used the Balls to wish himself into East Kaioshin and Kibito.

Hakaishin Champa ArcEdit

Sometime after the battle against Golden Freeza, Kibitoshin felt weird being fused together so Kibitoshin visits the Namekians to use their Dragon Balls and wished himself separate, becoming East Kaioshin and Kibito. Later, Kaioshin, along with Kibito and Elder Kaioshin, attends the Gods of Destruction Invitation tournament on the Nameless Planet.

Major BattlesEdit

  • East Kaioshin vs. Bibbidi
  • East Kaioshin vs. Majin Boo


  • The name Shin, the name East Kaioshin used to enter the 25th Tenka'ichi Budokai with, is the name of his race.


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