Final, Solitary Battle: The Father of Z-Warrior Kakarrot, who Challenged FreezaEdit

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Kakarrot has been kept in a incubator for three years. One month before the destruction of Vegeta, he was taken out of the incubator because his father, Bardock, felt that Freeza had a plan to eradicate them. Bardock found a space pod and placed Kakarrot in there to send him far away from the planet. As Bardock and his mother, Gine, send him off, Kakarrot was warned to look out for the Galactic Patrol while he's on his way to Earth. Days later, the Saiyan landed on Earth. He landed in the wilderness called Mount Paozu and he was found by an elderly man named, Son Gohan. He took the alien into his home and fed him. While he was there, Gohan decided to name him "Son Goku".

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Goku watches the match between Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Vegeta and Hit. Goku comments that while they are in their fighting stances, Hit has no openings for Vegeta to attack and he also comments on how strong he is. Goku is shocked when he sees Hit attack for the first time. As they fight, Goku remarks that he is unable to see his movements when he attacks and he also gets the same response from Piccolo. Goku uses Instantaneous Movement to teleport to Jaco. Goku wonders if Jaco is able to see the assassin in when he attacks but Jaco says he cannot. A short while later, Vegeta loses to Hit and Goku is in awe. He then tells Kuririn to give Vegeta a Senzu. Jaco tells Goku that Hit vanishes completely when he attacks. They are then told by the Galactic King that Hit has been time skipping. It is said that since Hit is already as fast as he is, 0.1 seconds of frozen time is excellent. Bulma then interrupts and suggests that Jaco and Galactic King should arrest Hit since control over time is against Galactic Laws. However, they don't feel as if they should because they do not want to die and Goku doesn't want him arrested because he wants to fight him.

Goku is announced by the referee to be the next challenger for Hit. Before Goku jumps into the ring, he seeks advice from Jaco and the Galactic King but they could not help. When he jumps into the ring, he asks Vegeta for advice but Vegeta doesn't want to, wishing him to do his best. Goku greets Hit before they both face off. Goku is told to transform by the assassin but he feels as if he should save it for later because it drains more stamina. After knowing Hit is way older than he is, Goku bows more formally before going into his fighting stance. Goku attacks first and attempts a series of attacks to try and land a hit on Hit but he continues to use his Time-Skip technique. Goku is warned that if Hit continues to strike his vitals, it would lead to his death but Goku refuses to surrender, as he starts to see a hint to his technique. Goku challenges Hit and he is able to block Hit's technique. After his second attempt, Goku is able to scrap Hit's face. After more attempts proving to Hit he can predict his attacks, Goku successfully blocks and evades Hit's attacks. Goku tells Hit that he predicts how will move after a tenth of a second. He then states that he'll go all-out.

Goku is on Kaio's planet training after recovering from the Late-Onset Disordered Ki Syndrome. Kaio suggests that Goku to go to Beerus' world t train but Goku tells Kaio that Whis has gone off somewhere so he is unable to travel to Beerus' planet. After training, Goku is eating in Kaio's house. While eating, he and Kaio sense Gotenks and Goku uses Instantaneous Movement to reach Potaufeu. When he arrives, he stops Copy-Vegeta from killing Trunks and Goten.

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