Vados (ヴァドス, Vadosu) is the attendant of the Hakaishin of the Sixth Universe, Champa. Her brother is the attendant of the Hakaishin of the Seventh Universe, Whis.

Video GamesEdit

Vados first appears in the video game, Dragon Ball Heroes, in God Mission 7 (GDM7) but unplayable. She is however, playable in God Mission 8 (GDM8). Vados is also playable in the card game, IC Carddass Dragon Ball. She appears in Extreme Butoden as a Z-Assist character.


  • Like all the Hakaishin and their attendants, they possess a name that is a pun on an alcoholic beverage. Vados name is a pun on the French alcoholic beverage, calvados.

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