Zen'o (全王, Zen’ō; lit. "All King") is the king of the twelve universes.




Son GokuEdit



Sometime in his past, Zen'o once destroyed 6 of the 18 universes in anger, leaving the remaining 12 universes.

Hakaishin Champa ArcEdit

Zen'o and his attendants watch the Gods of Destruction Invitation Tournament from a distance. After Champa is angry that his team lost, he planned to destroy for putting shame on him. However, Zen'o shows up on the Nameless Planet in the ring and this prevents Champa from doing so. Zen'o is visiting because he felt that Beerus and Champa weren't fulfilling their jobs. Whis tells Zen'o that Beerus enjoyed sleeping rather than destroying. Vados says that Champa has been enjoying food more and he gained weight. She also explains that she has been giving him dieting methods but he neglects them. Zen'o jokingly states that he should appoint new Hakaishin, which frightens Beerus and Champa at first. Afterwards, Zen'o states that he enjoyed the tournament and that he will begin a tournament with all twelve universes. Goku gets excited hearing this and approaches Zen'o but his attendants shield Goku from Zen'o. Zen'o, however, allows Goku to speak to him and he even shakes his hand, something that frightened his attendants, Kaioshin, Beerus, and Champa. Zen'o says that he enjoyed meeting Goku and wishes to return home.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Zen'o is the strongest being in the universes and there is no one above him. Zen'o, according to Beerus, is strong enough to wipe out the twelve universes in an instant, as he did once destroy six universes in anger.

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